Scott Pitcock

Double S Speedshop co-founder, Scott Pitcock became involved with cars at an early age. Growing up in Detroit Michigan, Scott started at the age of 4, working closely with his Father, Hemi Legend, Drag Race Hall of Famer, Forrest Pitcock. This 1964 Super Stock Wold Champion instilled the passion in Scott, and since then, he has been building engines and restoring cars for the last 46 years, and it is in his blood.

Working closely with Forrest allowed Scott to develop and hone his mechanical/fabrication skills throughout the years, resting at a place of precisions and fine craftsmanship with an emphasis on classic 50's hot rods that inspired him during his youth . . .

Fred Steeves

Paint, bodywork, metal fabrication, welding and crafting something from nothing are Fred's specialties.

Born into a hard working family, Fred was twisting wrenches at an early age. He learned valuable work ethics from a hard working mother and father. While still in high school, Fred began working with his father at his machine shop, building his own cars and motorcycles. Fred became obsessed with being the best at whatever he laid his hands on, and never being satisfied as just an "ok" worker.

Fred moved into the Fiberglass, custom built boat business for 31 years while still maintaining a love and desire for hotrods, muscle cars and classics. Fred owned his own collision shop, then merged his talents with Scott, creating a product that the consumer wants and expects in a Hot Rod shop. Working hard to be the best of your abilities isn't hard if you love what you do. . .

Forrest Pitcock

Forrest Pitcock is one of the most influential men in early Chrysler Super Stock history.

Forrest's prestigious career with Chrysler Engineering spanned from 1955-1988. In the early part of his career, Forrest was the primary dynamometer operator involved with the development of Chrysler's performance engines. Engines such as:

  • The 413 Max Wedge
  • The 426 Max Wedge
  • The 426 Hemi
  • Hilborn injected 426 Hemi

In the early 1960's, Chrysler developed two drag race teams; the Dodge Ramchargers and the Plymouth Golden Commandos. Forrest was one of the keystones of the Golden Commandos team.

Forrest was the primary engine builder for both the Commandos and the Ramcharger, as well as a competitive driver, winning many match races and triumphing over Dyno Don Nicholson for the 1964 Super Stock World Championship.

Career Highlights:

  • Built and dynoed the 426-Hemi's that powered the "Goldenrod" into the record books and the Salt Flats.
  • Built on of the 426-Hemi's that powered the Chrysler crew to a victory on the Detroit River.
  • Worked with Stu Hilborn, setting up and dynoing the Hilborn Fuel Injected 426-Hemi.
  • First man in history to drive an altered wheel base Fuel Injected Hemi car in National Competition.
  • Built and dynoed the engines for the Richard Petty race team - when Petty drove a Chrysler sponsored car.
  • Built engines for Harry Hyde, Bobby Isaac's Crew Chief. In 1970, during time trials at the Talladega Speedway, Bobby Isaac was the first man in history to exceed 200 miles per hour (201.104 miles per hour).

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